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Event Catering.

Chef Johnnie finds the term "Catering" cringe-worthy. That's why we're here, lifting the experience to emulate an intimate dining affair, featuring elite servers and chefs, crafting experiences for parties of any size.

Chef Johnnie can handle events of up to 500 guests. He works with most of LA's top event planners. The combination of Chef Johnnie's food and service along with one of LA's top event planners, we can turn your party into something that brings your wildest dreams into reality. 

Whether it is an event in your space, your backyard, or in the middle of nowhere, Johnnie and his team can make it happen.

  • Tray Pass Cocktail Hour

  • Tray Pass Full Dinner Party

  • Plated Dinners

  • Family Style Dinner

  • Buffet Dinner

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