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A leading private chef, event caterer, and culinary educator in the Los Angeles area. His repertoire marries a sophisticated, modern aesthetic with satisfying food that is as innovative as it is delicious.


Chef Johnnie has been  a private chef and caterer since 2010 for some of L.A.’s most prestigious homes  and corporations, including Billionaires, celebrities, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, and more. Chef Johnny's philosophy involves elevating beloved dishes by infusing them with a modern twist, offering a dining experience that redefines familiar flavors in exciting new ways. For smaller dinners he does Omakase dinners, to birthday parties, celebrity team dinners, weddings, corporate events, anniversary dinners, etc


Chef Johnnie collaborates with top-tier professionals alongside his team. He has partnered with distinguished servers and premier private chefs in LA, crafting a dining experience exclusively to high-end clientele. If you've been directed to Chef Johnnie by someone, rest assured, you're in the best hands. He only connects you with the finest!

Chef Johnnie Celebrity Chef



Dining Experience.


No matter the location of your event, Chef Johnnie will transform it into the culinary haven of your imagination—whether it's your home, nestled in a canyon, or any event venue in LA. Let your visions come to life. Choose from a diverse array of menus to bring various cultural experiences alive. If you don't find the menu you desire, feel free to request it, and Chef Johnnie will craft it exclusively for you.


Event Catering.


Chef Johnnie finds the term "Catering" cringe-worthy. That's why we're here, lifting the experience to emulate an intimate dining affair, featuring elite servers and chefs, crafting experiences of any size.


& Inquiry.


Dive into gourmet cuisine with our carefully crafted menu options, showcasing the skill and passion behind each dish. Experience a unique culinary journey. If you can't find what you're looking for, let Chef Johnnie know, and he'll create it for you!

In Home

Placement Agency.


Chef Johnnie discovered the flaws of traditional private chef agencies in Los Angeles. Instead of relying solely on resumes, he focuses on real culinary talent. With years of experience and a vast network of  hundreds of LA chefs, he pairs them based on skills and personality.

Chef Johnnie Celebrity Chef


Celebrity Chef


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